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C1S tag stock – Not the Best Keg Collar stock to use?

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Labeling Requirement Guidance

Over the last several years, as the Tax and Trade Bureau’s (TTB) COLAs Online service [...]

Product Cost? | Digital B&W or 4 Color Keg Collars vs. 1 & 2 Color Keg Collars with printing plates

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Why would you need Waterproof Keg Collars?

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7″ Custom Keg collars vs. 6.5″ Keg collars?

Our 7″ Keg collar pictured above for Old Firehouse Brewery in Williamsburg, Ohio placed on [...]

Standard Tag Stock Keg Collars without adhesive

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Keg Collars that Stick or Don’t Stick!

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Custom Keg Collars and Vented Keg Caps

Considering keg caps to keep debris and dust from your keg stems?  We offer vented [...]


Why use “The Original” Keg Collar from  Durability and Functionality come to mind. And [...]