Why KegCollar.com?

actual printed sample of a 2 color keg collar for Jackie O's placed on a sixth barrel

Why use “The Original” Keg Collar from KegCollar.com?  Durability and Functionality come to mind. And as an added Bonus, when you order keg collars with adhesive the center punch outs become stickers which you can use to brand your generic Old Firehouse Brewery Custom one color keg collarKeg Caps with your Brewery Information.  At a fraction of the cost of stickers purchased separately.

Each Custom Keg Collar with adhesive is printed using coated tag stock with adhesive and a crack and peel silicone coated liner.  The date ring gives brewers the option of dating the freshness of their product by simply using a hole punch to knock out the date of manufacture.  Peel off the liner and slip over Keg Neck and adhere to top of the keg.  OR just leave the liner on the collar portion so they don’t stick to the kegs.

Our Keg Collars with adhesive come with an All Temp Permanent Adhesive, but has die cuts designed to hold the Keg Collar onto the Keg neck without using adhesive if preferred.  For full adhesion, peel the liner backing off and adhere to the top of the keg. The complimentary Custom Keg Cap stickers have the same crack and peel away liner for easy application to the plastic vented keg caps.  These collars can be used without sticking to the tops of the kegs, simply leave the silicone based liner on the keg collars and they will not stick.  You still get the center punch outs which can double as stickers.  (*center cap stickers are not waterproof, the tag stock is a paper tag stock based product and is not the same as outdoor vinyl or poly)


Absolutely DON’T want or need adhesive, and your looking for more Durability and water resistance?  NO Problem.  Our Custom printed Waterproof keg collars WITHOUT adhesive are printed on a 8 mil. synthetic coated product that will 2 color keg collar without adhesive and growler tagnot curl in cool, moist brewing environments.  We also laminate them with a glossy or matte overlay so ensure the ink will not rub off or be compromised.  The center cut outs on our Waterproof Keg Collars with NO Adhesive can double as growler tags.  Simply design your keg collar art with your logo or growler info, and you can write the Brew name on the Back.  Punch a hole in the tag and add string or zip tie. String not included with order.  String sold at different supply outlets including ULINE for $15/ 1000.  Or simply use your own creative ties or ideas to re-purpose these custom printed centers.



Searching for a basic keg collar?  Another Option without Adhesive is our Standard Tag stock custom keg collars.  The tag stock collars are the standard in the custom keg collar industry.1 color paper keg collar sample  Tag stock keg collars are printed on a specially coated tag stock on both sides and are perfect to get your product out the door while fulfilling the regulation requirements set by the TTB or your state.


Let us know if you need us to send you a template for your team to design your artwork.  No Artwork?  No Problem, we can type set your information on our template and customize your Keg Collar for you.  Just provide your vector based logo and tell us what you need on your keg collars!

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