A Custom printed keg collar and tap handle sticker combo is a keg collar and a tap handle sticker combined into one product. We use a waterproof poly/Bopp with a removable adhesive for the tap handle stickers so they can easily be removed from the keg collars and then applied to the tap handles out in the field at the restaurants and pubs. The tap handle stickers are produced on a piggy back label stock containing 3 layers. A liner layer with adhesive sticks to the keg collars. The tap handle stickers are easily removed from the keg collars. Steps to make an order for custom keg collar tap handle combo’s:

1. Make sure the tap handle stickers are not too big to fit on a standard or custom die cut keg collar. We have some special shapes available to accommodate the tap handle stickers. But you may be required to purchase a custom die for the keg collars to fit. Keg Collar die, if needed is a one time charge. Usually around $125 – $200.

2. Email the size and shape of the custom tap handle stickers to info@kegcollar.com to determine if we have that exact die size and shape or if you will need a die quoted. Custom die if needed for tap handle stickers is a one time cost on New orders. Total cost per order is determined based on size of tap handle sticker needed in combination with size of keg collars needed. Printed digital so you can combine multiple versions on one order to achieve a higher order quantity for lower per piece pricing. For example, 500 total needed – 5 versions of 100 each (500 total) will cost more per piece than if you ordered 5 versions at 200 each (1000 total). If you would like a custom quote, please email info@kegcollar.com with exact size and shape of the tap handle stickers.

You can send a single artwork file and we can extract size and shape from file or if you know it exactly, you can simply type size into email. Keg collar tap handle combo’s can be produced on the standard 12 pt. tag stock NO adhesive or the Waterproof tag stock NO adhesive. We will need to know approx. how many versions and collars needed per order to provide pricing.

Cheers, Jaime