Keg Collars that Stick or Don’t Stick!

construction diagram of our keg collars with adhesive

Our Keg Collars with Adhesive. 

During the printing and die cutting process, we back score the silicone coated liner on the keg collars and the keg cap stickers at the same time.

For you, this means you can decide when putting on your keg collars if you want to use the adhesive or NOT!  If you don’t want adhesive, simply leave the liner on the keg collar.  Want partial adhesion?  No problem, simply peel a small section of the liner off the back of the keg collars to stick partially to your kegs.  Full adhesion required, peel off both sides of the silicone coated liner and stick to the dome of the keg.

Absolutely Don’t Want Adhesive on your keg collars?  NO PROBLEM, our custom printed waterproof keg collars without adhesive are some of the most durable available.  We use a waterproof tag stock, that Will NOT Curl in extreme environments.  We then overlay the collars with either a glossy clear or matte lamination.  The center can double as a custom branded growler tag.  Simply punch a small hole in the center cut out, add a string and you have a custom printed durable growler tag.  Simply write in your brew on the front or the back of the tag!

The Standard Tag custom printed keg collars are also available without adhesive.  We use a specially coated tag stock coated on BOTH sides for maximum durability in cold moist environments.  Beware the C1S Tag stock as it is NOT the best choice for keg collars in cold moist environments.

Three keg collar constructions and One size to fit ALL YOUR KEG COLLAR requirements no matter what State you are brewing in!