C1S tag stock – Not the Best Keg Collar stock to use?

Custom printed keg collar on tag stock with black ink for Joon Kombucha installed on 1/6 barrel keg

If you have ordered custom keg collars at a lesser cost and your keg collars curled in the cooler after kegging, it’s because they used C1S tag stock or worse.

C1S tag stock is tag stock that is coated on 1 side only.  Tag stocks are coated with a clay coating that helps repel moisture from penetrating the pourous surface of most paper based tag stocks.  We use a specially formulated tag stock coated on Both sides to help resist the natural tendency of paper to absorb moisture and curl in cold, moist conditions.  If our collars do curl under extreme conditions, they will eventually acclimate to the conditions and relax and lay flat.

The tag stock matters….avoid problems and delays using less effective tag stocks for your valuable inventory.

We do offer a synthetic keg collar, we call “Waterproof” and we laminate after printing to ensure the ink will never be compromised after being submerged in ice/water.  Great for events and those needed a waterproof solution for their kegs.

Samples readily available, email info@kegcollar.com to request samples!  Cheers