Product Cost? | Digital B&W or 4 Color Keg Collars vs. 1 & 2 Color Keg Collars with printing plates

actual printed sample of a 2 color keg collar for Airline Brewing Company placed on a sixth barrel

Having choices is a good thing when it comes to ordering your keg collars.  After all, competition drives the pricing down!

Let us help you understand the difference between digital printed black and white or 4 color keg collars and conventional press printed 1 and 2 color keg collars.

Conventional Press Advantages (1 and 2 color keg collar options)

  • better pricing on larger runs
  • even better pricing on Repeat Orders
  • more fade resistant inks
  • PMS colors
  • adhesive backed available with crack and peel liner backing
  • waterproof stock available for wet environments

Digital Advantages (4 color and black and white options)

  • no plate charges
  • better pricing on short runs
  • better pricing on 4 color process printing (CMYK) short runs
  • print multiple versions in combination with no plate set up charges

If you know your artwork is good, and the design is not going to change on your next order, consider using Keg Collars printed 1 and 2 color on a Conventional Press, paying the set up charges on your initial order and using plates.  Don’t pay 4 color digital pricing if your design can be done in 1 color.

WE have a digital Black and White keg collar option.  Great economic option if color is not needed.  No set up or printing plate cost, so you can combine multiple versions for highest price break.

Even if you just want the black and white option, if ordering more than 3000 of one single version- order from the 1 color option.  You will save money even with the $45 printing plate charge.

If you are concerned your artwork will change from Order to Order, consider black and white or 4 color digital printing.  As you will need to re purchase a printing plates each time your design changes if you go with conventional 1 or 2 color keg collars.

Digital Black and White and 4 color Keg Collars can be a good economic decision if you have multiple versions requiring small amounts (short runs, 250 minimum up to a couple thousand) of each version printed.  Likewise, if you know 250 or 500 keg collars will fulfill your needs for the year- Digital printed Black and White or 4 Color keg collars will be the best cost scenario vs 1 color or 2 color with printing plate charges.

If you have a 2 color design.  2 Color makes economic sense when you need 1 version and you need 2000 or more.  Otherwise, it would be cheaper to order from the 4 color digital keg collars even though your design is only 2 color when needing 250, 500 or 1000.

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